Cricket’s 11 Darkest Days: The Biggest Scandals and Shocks in the World Game

Cricket’s 11 Darkest Days – Despite its rich and illustrious history, international cricket has encountered numerous obstacles that have tarnished its reputation and integrity. While the sport is renowned for its remarkable achievements, it has also been plagued by a series of unsavory and shocking incidents that have consistently posed a threat to the essence of the game.

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Ranging from match-fixing and drug scandals to political protests, the world of cricket has been embroiled in a wide range of controversies. This compilation aims to shed light on some of the most significant events, recognizing that the summaries provided merely touch the surface of these intricate scandals.

1. Slap-Gate: Sreesanth and Harbhajan

Cricket's 11 Darkest Days

The incident known as Slap-Gate occurred in 2008 during a match between the Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab in the first season of the Indian Premier League. It involved Harbhajan Singh, who allegedly slapped his Indian teammate Sreesanth.

As a consequence, Harbhajan was banned from participating in the remaining tournament fixtures, while Sreesanth received criticism for his conduct. Even to this day, the incident remains a topic of dispute.

2. Monkey-Gate: Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh

Cricket's 11 Darkest Days

The Monkey-Gate controversy emerged following India’s triumph in the ICC World Twenty20, which sparked tensions between Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh.

The dispute reached its peak during a one-day series, ultimately leading to Harbhajan’s suspension for three matches. However, he was later cleared of making racist comments after filing an appeal.

3. Mysterious Death of Pakistan Coach, Bob Woolmer

Cricket's 11 Darkest Days

The demise of Bob Woolmer, the coach of Pakistan, during the 2007 World Cup, turned into a murder investigation, casting a shadow over the cricketing event. The inconclusive inquiry raised lingering doubts regarding the actual reason behind Woolmer’s death.

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