Sujanpur Holi Mela, Himachal Pradesh

Sujanpur Holi Mela, a national level celebration of the festival of colors, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement in Sujanpur, located in the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. Holi festival is a festival played with colors which is played by everyone without any religious barriers by applying colors to each other.

Sujanpur Holi
Sujanpur Holi | सुजानपुर होली

Sujanpur Holi is famous because of the fair held here. Many types of swings, shops selling different types of food items, clothes, children’s toys, household and agricultural goods are set up in the fair.

Wrestling Competition Organized in Sujanpur Holi

Wrestling competition is also organized in Sujanpur Holi Mela. In which famous wrestlers from far and wide participate.

The Holi fair is started by the chief guest. With which the wrestling competition is also started. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to watch the wrestling competition, that is why at the time of wrestling, a large crowd gathers around the wrestling ground. Wrestlers participating in wrestling are given a lot of respect by the people. Also, the winners are awarded with gifts, trophies and cash.

सुजानपुर होली

Ritual performed before starting Sujanpur Holi Mela

The national level Holi fair starts with the Flag Ceremony. In which worship is done by hoisting a very high flag in an ancient Hanuman temple near Sujanpur bus stand.

What sets Sujanpur Holi Mahotsav apart are its unique features that set it apart from other Holi celebrations in the region. The main attraction is the grand procession of the deities, in which the idols of Lord Raghunath Ji and his wife are gracefully carried through the streets of the city in a palanquin. With energetic music, dance, trumpets and drums, this procession adds to the joyous festive atmosphere.

सुजानपुर होली

Origin of Sujanpur Holi Festival:

The Sujanpur Holi Festival has its roots deeply rooted in the city’s history, dating back to the 18th century. Initially this festival was celebrated by the royal family of Sujanpur, later the festival became a cherished tradition adopted by the entire community.

Exhibition of advanced plants by organic method in Sujanpur Holi Fair

The main attraction of the Holi fair is the 3-day long exhibition where a variety of organically grown vegetables, fruits and plants are displayed. Along with this, new equipment used in farming is also shown in it. Here it is also told about how to improve farming.

Various types of swings, pottery shops in Sujanpur Holi Mela

Many types of swings are also installed in the Holi fair like joint wheel aerial swing, break dance swing, dragon train, Mickey Mouse, jumping Chakri, Magic Show, which attract youth and children. Where long queues are formed to buy tickets.

Sujanpur Holi

In the Holi fair, shops of earthen pots are set up in another row, where you will find pots of different sizes, small and big, on which many types of paintings are done. The earthy aroma coming from the new earthen pot will make you crazy about it.

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