1. Deals on Everything 

From cruises and rental cars to theme parks and island getaways, Costco Travel offers vacations at wholesale prices.

2. Curated Packages

Choose from pre-built trips with flights, hotels, car rentals, and more, all hand-picked for quality and value.

3. Build Your Own Trip 

Mix and match hotels, flights, and car rentals to create your perfect vacation in select U.S. cities.

4. Convenience is Key

Book online or by phone, with reservation agents ready to assist you before, during, and after your trip.

5. Not a Replacement for a Travel Agent 

While Costco Travel offers convenience, they can't personalize your trip like a dedicated agent.

6. Limited Choices

They only partner with specific car rental companies and have a smaller selection of hotels and brands.

7. Flights Only in Packages

You can't currently book flights alone through Costco Travel, only as part of a package.

8. Membership Required

You must be an active Costco member to use the service (membership fees apply).

9. Rewards and Cash Back

Earn Costco Shop Cards and 2% annual rewards (up to $1,000) as an Executive Member.

10. Big Savings Potential

Compare prices and you might find incredible deals, like flights costing the same as the entire package!


Don't forget, resort fees are often included in Costco Travel packages, saving you even more money.