Dropping the ball on New Year's Eve is a worldwide tradition that symbolizes the passage of time.


Times Square Tradition

The first ball drop in New York City's Times Square was held in 1907 to commemorate the opening of the New York Times headquarters.

Created from the 19th century maritime time balls dropped at noon for ship navigation.

Inspiration from Maritime Exercises:

A symbol of unity

The dropping ball unites people globally and arousing anticipation.

Reflection and Renewal

The ball drop means reflecting on the past year and welcoming new beginnings.

Technology Evolution

The ball's design has evolved with technology and includes innovative features such as LED lights.

Global Broadcast

The event broadcast worldwide, allowing people from all over the world to join in the New Year celebrations.

Community Celebrations

Ball drops bring communities together, promoting a sense of togetherness and hope for the future.

Slow Enjoyment

Enjoy every moment of your journey at a slower pace

Unforgettable Moments

Create lasting memories while riding the world's most famous toy train.